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Optimize U is a premier health and wellness center led by Michelle Mears, MD, located in Portland, Oregon. The practice treats men and women of all ages, particularly middle-aged adults.

Optimize U is the first health and wellness studio in Oregon to offer comprehensive wellness services, including functional medicine treatments and recovery modalities. The expert wellness team provides a comfortable healing space for patients to optimize health, heal their bodies from the inside out, and increase athletic and cognitive performance.

Some of the many services available at Optimize U include bioidentical hormone therapy, whole body cryotherapy, photobiomodulation (aka red light therapy), vitamin shots, and IV drips, as well as compression therapy, infrared sauna, and vibration therapy. Optimize U offers the most cutting-edge health and wellness treatments available and lets nature do its work.

Optimize U provides patients with a premium experience by giving them the tools needed to become their best selves.

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Optimize U
3190 Northwest 185TH AVE
Portland, OR 97229
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